Internet auction demo.

This demo program simulates what you would see if you were watching a real auction over the Internet. At any time you can scroll down to see the catalogue. The lots will be automatically highlighted when they are offered. On the screen is the information about the auction. The ladder on the left is where you bid. If nothing appears to the left after about 30 seconds then there is a problem with JavaScript and you should follow this link to the system requirements page.

Give it a go
This program runs entirely on your computer and does not connect to any other machine on the Internet, so you can run it as much as you like and bid as often as you like. As the bids are not transmitted, bidding will never lead to accidental purchases. In fact the demo program is an ideal opportunity to test the system out, make a few mistakes and work out how you like to use it.

You can place a bid by clicking on any of the "Bid up to" buttons. You will need to click again in the same spot to confirm your bid. This demo program generates opposition bids for both imaginary bidders present at the live auction and for other imaginary bidders on the Internet.

Bidding delays
The demo program automatically delays all bids a half a second to simulate the delay of a real bid going from your machine to the server, on to the webcaster at the auction and back to the client. So don't be surprised if you are told that a bid did not arrive in time even though you made the bid before the auctioneer called "Gone". When you set a bid limit there is no delay in the auction system placing a bid on your behalf, so it is good practice to set a limit near your maximum and have the auction system bid rapidly for you. The system will only increase your bid one increment at a time so others stop bidding you can get the lot for less than your limit.

Set a bid limit ahead of time
You don't have to wait for a lot to be offered to bid on it, try setting an absentee bid limit for a future lot. Simply scroll down the catalogue and click on a lot and then enter your limit. Then click on the "Follow Auction" button to watch the auction. When the auction gets to the lot, with your bid limit, you will see the demo program place bids on your behalf, till the other bidders drop out or your limit is beaten.

In the catalogue on the right there are some little boxes, if you click on one, that lot will be highlighted. This makes it easy to spot the lots you are interested in. If you then click on "View My Lots" most of the lots will disappear, only the lots you have favourited or bid on will remain. This make it easy to concentrate on the lots you are interested in and saves a lot of scrolling through the catalogue.

More Help
This demo has all you need to start bidding, but does not cover everything about Interbid Live. A more extensive help file is available here.

Restarting the Demo
You can restart the demo by clicking the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on your web browser.