Interbid Bidding Practice FAQ Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it show my upper limit?
No your upper limit is not shown to anyone, not the auctioneer, the webcaster or to anyone watching.

If I place a bid limit does bidding jump to that limit?
No, the system will bid for you, until the limit is reached or you get the lot. You could end up paying a lot less than your limit.

Can I bid one increment at a time like I normally do at auctions?
While Interbid Live has a patented speed advantage that makes it the fastest live auction webcast system in the world, there are still unavoidable delays with Internet bidding. Unless you are reasonably quick there is a good chance that a single increment bid does not make it to the auction in time.

How can I pratice using the system?
If you have not used the bidding system before its very important you try the offline demo before the auction.